allmigo® credo

we believe in working for the American principle of dignity for all people and restoring the belief in God.

we fundamentally believe in conducting ourselves ethically by

  • being honest and impartial in serving the public.
  • striving to increase the competence and prestige of the allmigo company and that of the quality profession.
  • using our knowledge and skill for the enhancement of human welfare.

we observe the golden rule of doing unto others as we wish to be done unto us, through:

our relations with the public by

  • holding paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public in the performance of our professional duties.

our relations with customers by

  • acting in a professional manner in dealings with each allmigo customer.
  • acting as faithful agents and trustees and avoid conflict of interest and the appearance of conflict of interest.

our relations with company stewards by

  • performing services only in our areas of competence.
  • continuing our professional development throughout our careers and provide opportunities for the professional and ethical development of others.
  • acting in a professional manner in dealings with each allmigo company steward.

our relations with peers by

  • building the allmigo company reputation and our own professional reputation on the merit of our products and services and not competing unfairly with others.
  • assuring that credit for the work of others is given to those to whom is due.

Editor’s note: the allmigo credo has been developed using the Word of God and the ASQ Code of Ethics* as guiding models. *Used by permission © 2018 American Society for Quality.

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